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    Virtual Keyboard component will provide interface for entering data instead of using physical keyboard. The virtual keyboards are used to translate the input from one keyboard layout to another. Its useful for secure data entry when there is chance of key store capturing for hacking confidential information like user name and password. Virtual keyboard support multiple languages which can be represented using Unicode characters. The virtual keyboards can also be used to translate the input from one keyboard layout to another. The usage is shown below,

STEP 1: Import images/show_vkb.gif and images/hide_vkb.gif to WEBROOT/images directory
STEP 2: Import VirtualKeyboard.js
STEP 3: <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="btcvkb" %>
STEP 4: <btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard id="abc" language="standard" styleCls="lstyle5" keyStyleCls="loginKey5" defaultKeyStyleCls="defKeyStyle5" defaultHighLightCls="defHighlightStyle5" enableKeyboardDesc= "Enable Virtual Keyboard" disableKeyboardDesc= "Disable Virtual Keyboard" forInputField="secretbox5" > </btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard />

<btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard id="vkb2" language="standard" styleCls="lstyle4" keyStyleCls="loginKey4" defaultKeyStyleCls="defKeyStyle4" defaultHighLightCls="defHighlightStyle4" enableNestedPanels = "true" forInputField="secretbox2" > </btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard />

<btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard id="vkb3" language="telugu" langRowKeyCount="12,13" specialCharPad="true" specialRowKeyCount="15,15" styleCls="lstyle2" keyStyleCls="loginKey2" defaultKeyStyleCls="defKeyStyle2" defaultHighLightCls="defHighlightStyle2" random="2" forInputField="secretbox6" > </btcvkb:virtualKeyBoard />

Each virtual keyboard language is supported by corresponding properties file. The properties file has to be in class path in btc_vkb_cfg/{language} format. The order of search for keyboard language properties is shown below,

VIRTUAL KEYBOARD Version 1.0 Download (40 KB)

VIRTUAL KEYBOARD Version 1.0 Demo Download (43 KB)

Script and Image resources Download (23 KB)
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