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 Distributed Computing > etcd > How to put, get and delete data using etcdctl

How to put, get and delete data using etcdctl

Author: Venkata Sudhakar

etcd is a strongly consistent, distributed key-value store that provides a reliable way to store data that needs to be accessed by a distributed system or cluster of machines. The below example shows how to put, get and delete data using etcdctl.

It gives the following output,

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ETCD\etcd-v3.4.14-windows-amd64>etcdctl --endpoints=http://localhost:2380 version
etcdctl version: 3.4.14
API version: 3.4

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ETCD\etcd-v3.4.14-windows-amd64>etcdctl --endpoints=http://localhost:2380 member list
8e9e05c52164694d, started, default, http://localhost:2380, http://localhost:2379, false

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ETCD\etcd-v3.4.14-windows-amd64>etcdctl --endpoints=http://localhost:2380 put message ABCD

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ETCD\etcd-v3.4.14-windows-amd64>etcdctl --endpoints=http://localhost:2380 get message

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ETCD\etcd-v3.4.14-windows-amd64>etcdctl --endpoints=http://localhost:2380 del message


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