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Visa Interview Tips

Author: Sudhakar KV
US Consulate Entry
  • Reach the consulate office at least 1 hour before your interview
  • Wait for your interview slot to join the queue. Usually the staff allows you 30-45 minutes ahead of your interview time
  • Do not carry any prohibited items such as mobile phones, pen drives or other electronic items
  • Better to keep all your documents in order and keep them in transparent folders
  • Cooperate with security officers and complete your security check
  • Get your documents verified by the staff before moving to Visa interview
Visa Interview Process
  • After paying Visa fraud prevention fee, collect the consulate slip and wait for your turn to meet Visa officer (VO)
  • Do not talk loudly with others while waiting for your turn for the interview
  • Observe and listen to the questions asked to other applicants who are taking the interview before you
  • There could be rejections before you but do not get panic or tensed
  • When your turn comes be confident, smile and wish the visa officer (Good Morning officer or Good Afternoon officer)
  • Answer to the point and always be precise unless detailed information is asked
  • Do not argue with the visa officer for anything, it can have negative impact on your future interviews too
  • If you are not able to understand the question ask the visa officer to repeat the question
  • Answer the question in 2-3 sentences. Do not volunteer any answers unless asked specifically

NOTE: Please note that the above information is not a legal advice. Visa policies may change from time to time. So use your own discretion and good judgement before proceeding further.


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