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Student Project Listing
Screened Host Firewall Simulation
This project simulates the Firewall behaviour using swing UI. It shows how the communication happens among clients with in Intranet and Gateway. It also shows the communication among internal and external client where the IP packets are routed through gateway and Router. more
Distributed Systems
In every academic year, each course module is allocated to one or more members of staff, who will then be responsible for teaching that module in the current session. In order to assist the planning of academic timetables, a distributed application is required to maintain and publish a list of staff teaching allocations in a single academic year. This project is developed using NetBeans 6.9.1, Derby database, GlassFish Version 3 Application server with EJBs, JSPs and Servlets. more
J2ME Quiz
Its a J2ME mobile game where user needs to answer a series of questions. Users score increases with each questions. The quiz DB is pre-configured with some default questions. It provides an admin console which helps to update the question DB. more
Sudoku Generator and Solver
Sudoku is a number placement game based on logic. The puzzle consists of either 4x4, 9x9 or 16x16 square grid. Sudoku with 9x9 gird is the most common with various difficulty levels. To solve the puzzle we need to fill in every empty cell in the 3x3 grid with the numbers 1 through 9 and all rows & columns of the 9x9 grid should have the number 1-9 only once. This project helps to generate and solve the incomplete puzzles keyed in by user. more
SOAP Message Monitoring Utility
SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is an XML based protocol where the information is exchanged over HTTP. This utility is helpful to intercept SOAP request and response. This monitor is implemented with a 'request intercepter' pattern. It listens on a port (Client sends request to this port) and forwards the request to target port(Server listens to this port). In this way monitor captures both SOAP request from client and SOAP response from server. more
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