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 Distributed Computing > Zookeeper > How to start Zookeeper on Windows

How to start Zookeeper on Windows

Author: Venkata Sudhakar

Apache Zookeeper is an open source distributed coordination service that enables synchronization across a cluster. It provides various services like Naming service, Configuration managemen, Cluster management, Leader election, Locking and synchronization service and Highly reliable data registry.

The below example shows how to start Zookeeper server on Windows. First set JAVA_HOME environment variable if not already set. Next create zoo.cfg file, update data directory configuration as necessary and start the server.

C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ZOOKEEPER\apache-zookeeper-3.6.2-bin\bin>set JAVA_HOME=C:\VENKAT\SOFT\openjdk-8u262
C:\VENKAT\DOWNLOADS\ZOOKEEPER\apache-zookeeper-3.6.2-bin>copy conf\zoo_sample.cfg  conf\zoo.cfg


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