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 JSON > FLEX JSON > Serialize JSON String to OutputHandler

Serialize JSON String to OutputHandler 

Flexjson is a lightweight java library for serializing and de-serializing java beans, maps, arrays and collections in JSON format. Get the latest binaries from This requires the library flexjson-2.1.jar to be in classpath. The following example shows how to serialize a Java Object to the given OutputHandler.

File Name  :  
Author  :  Sudhakar KV
Email  :  [email protected]
package com.bethecoder.tutorials.flexjson.tests;

import java.util.Date;

import com.bethecoder.tutorials.flexjson.common.Student;

import flexjson.JSONSerializer;
import flexjson.OutputHandler;
import flexjson.WriterOutputHandler;

public class SerializeTest2 {

   @param args
  public static void main(String[] args) {

    JSONSerializer serializer = new JSONSerializer().prettyPrint(true)
    Student stud = new Student("Sriram""Kasireddi"2"Singing"new Date());
    OutputHandler out = new WriterOutputHandler(new StringWriter());
    serializer.serialize(stud, out);


It gives the following output,
    "age": 2,
    "class": "com.bethecoder.tutorials.flexjson.common.Student",
    "dob": 1341598167640,
    "firstName": "Sriram",
    "hobby": "Singing",
    "lastName": "Kasireddi"


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