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 Template Engines > Freemarker
   First Example 
   If Else 
   If Else Chain 
   Date Time Format Settings 
   Number Format Settings 
   List Special Variables 
   List Break 
   Object List Iteration 
   Macro Defaults 
   No Parse 
   Attempt Recover 
   String Capitalize 
   String Case Conversion 
   String Contains 
   String Index Of 
   String Length 
   String Left Pad and Right Pad 
   String Replace 
   String Split 
   Split the string and get substrings by index 
   String Startswith and Endswith 
   String to Wordlist 
   String XML and XHTML Escape 
   Switch Case 
   Switch Case Break 
   Switch Case with Strings 
   How to create a simple menu in Freemarker 

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